We know that you care about your beard whatever the season is in front of you or in you, and we also know that a real beardman does not need this kind of advice. This article simply may serve as a fun lifestyle post.

All in all, winter requires a little more attention to everything and to protect yourself from the cold and ice problems that await us this winter – read further. The beard, amongst the few, is very common in the first line of defense against the loss of heat and splashing with ice rain which is often winterly honored.

So do not forget to dedicate a little more attention to your beard this winter, because when spring arrives and when the time of awakening, romance, love and mourning comes, gentlemen, your spring beard will be happy, healthy and proud of you.

Beard Oil

About 5 months ago, we wrote about how beard oils are an essential addition to summer grooming, and to do the same as painlessly as possible. Painless as far as the beard is concerned. The same is in winter and cold winter days. The beard is the first to hit snow, cold, ice rains, smog of enriched snow from the road, moisture and all that is not so pleasant that winter brings us.

The oil will do its own, will make your beard warm, nourish it, hydrate it.

Beard oils are not a special, mysterious and magical mixture of magical ingredients, how merchants in cosmetic and cosmetic chains will present you. We also advise you not to rely too much on them when it comes to your beard. Realistically, will you more trust the beardman with 20+ years of experience in carrying and caring of its own beard or any ever-smiling, always happy, never in trouble and never in a concern young cosmetic department employee? The answer to this question will also define what kind of beardman you enter – sincere and serious or dandy.

Therefore, use natural oils, natural mixtures of oils, oils that you buy from a beardman. Not only do you give 100% to your beard, but also help a small but growing economic sector, like us, to survive financially in these days.

Beard Balm

For balm we like to say that they are only a bit more rigid aggregate states of the beard oils. Although this is not exactly the case, the essence of balsams is quite similar to beard oil, and besides the nourishing and the hydration of the beard, it will make it easier for your beard to shape in the shape you want. Shaping the beard early will teach your beard to grow in the future. From personal experience, I suggest you first apply a small amount of oil, apply it well in your beard, grind it, then take some balsam, melt it by rubbing it between your palms and apply it to your beardat the same time shaping it. Of course, we advise only natural.


Get well supplied with biotin in winter so that hair, beard, and nails are healthier and more resistant. There are dietary supplements that will fill you with biotin to the limits themselves, but as with oil, balsams and later you will see the regenerator we do not recommend it. Maybe it’s okay, maybe not, but we support better nutrition and to consume natural foods rich in biotin.

Beard Comb

Why is the comb important for winter? It’s important through all the seasons. Beard in the winter serves as an excellent insulator on your face. Namely, it is known that the highest temperature or heat is lost through the head (the head and the face). So we wear a hat. How to wear a cap is natural for our body to radiate heat through the face. To stop the heat loss the girls and some of the gentle men wear scarves while we have the beard.

And what does this have to do with combing?

Sometimes, but often still as an insulator in homes and apartments, glass or stone wool is used. In order for its heat and sound insulation function to be complete it must be airy, it must not be crushed and must lie naturally between the two membranes. So is with the beard. We comb it with a comb, linearly arranged to be airy, no tangled hair, nuts and food remains, and only then it is a complete thermal insulator.

And there is still sound isolation. Namely, if you are one of those people who really chew loudly, grow your beard and you will chew the food quietly.

Follow The Lines Of Your Face And Beard

Even though to follow lines of your face is not a special procedure to prepare your bead for the winter, it’s more like your beard looks decent, maintained, regardless of length and density. We are talking about shaving and trimming.

Let’s mention this because in winter you have to look presentably, neatly and arranged as a real gentleman. What matters is the very way of cutting a beard. That’s what your local barber knows, but, we’ll reveal you a secret, the way you’re treating your beard is to go down vertically , then trim horizontally as a kind of fine tuning or final touch. This will make your beard look tidy, beautiful and gentle, and when you wear such a beard, then there is really no winter even on minus 20 degrees.

Use A Conditioner

If you already use a hair conditioner, then you could use a beard conditioner also. We have already explained the full benefits of oil and balsam through this text, and the need to maintain the beard and skin hydration, but it is time for our morning and evening grooming to rise to a new level. We introduce a famous conditioner. Of course, hair products are not suitable for the beard, so it is not a conditioner either.

We recommend the use of natural ingredients, conditioners that are checked by other beardmans and which, of course, have good references. Same as for beard oils, conditioners you do not buy in shopping malls, especially those specializing in cosmetics because unless you do not want to put different chemical preparations in your beard, we recommend purchasing the same from, we call them, enterprising beardmans. Such cheaper and mass-produced conditioners often contain sulfates or parabens which, in the long term, damage your beard. Some beard balms already have conditioners, ask when you purchase.

First of all we forgot to ask – what is the conditioner for? Let’s describe it to one convenient, everyday agricultural dictionary – the addition to our beard.


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