If you ask any beard man begginer, but also the senior, each will answer that growing a beard is not an easy job. And even after we grow it in full size, wearing this beard is one thing, and wearing this beard and keeping the girl or wife to stay is quite another thing.

Let us focus on this question and mention some tips to make your beard soft and gentle.

What causes a rough and sharp beard?

Cracked peaks. Yes, one of the reasons for the coarse beard is cracked peaks. They can arise if you often trim your beard and if you still use a trimmer with already dense knives. These two factors have a significant effect on our beard being rough and sharp to the touch.

Dry beard. Similar to hair, a beard can become dry and create problems for both us and our neighbors. Therefore, the beard should be regularly hydrated. Maybe you just do not drink enough fluids, which as a consequence can have a dry beard,

You do not dedicate enough or no attention to your beard. The beard grows and the beard is alive. In the same way that you care for your hair, you also need to care for your beard.


How to make a beard softer?
Before starting with specific points, your beard, as mentioned above, requires day care, day care, and day care, and it is time to start behaving like taht. Also, there is the fact that your beard will grow at 1.25 centimeters monthly.

Tip 1: Wash and care for your beard

Although there are some controversial statements that beard in a man is dirty almost as a toilet bowl, and even today’s statements are proven to be discouraged, the beard themselves may have become dirty. Therefore, the beard is preferably washing, not too much, 3-5 times a week. By 5 washing it means if you really live in a way that your beard often gets dirty. With frequent washing, you rinse beneficial bacteria and fauna. Of course, we do not have to mention that you do not use shampoos and regenerators that you use for hair because they will only help to dry skin and beard hair. When washing your beard, pay attention to being thoroughly washed out.


Tip 2: Use beard oil and beard balm

Only washing, trim and combing the beard will not be enough to make it soft and gentle. It is also necessary to use oil or beard balms. Beard oils will nourish, hydrate, and feed your beard. The same will work with  beard balm.
Here are some essential oils that are found in beard oils, which will greatly benefit you in your little expedition:
tea tree, bergamot, cedarwood, lavender, evergreen trees, citrus fresh, Australian blue dry rose (Helichrysum) and eucalyptus radiata. Beard oils play a double role – hydrate and regenerate the beard’s hair. Of course, with the right combination of essential beard oil, you can really smell so that the ladies will not be able to resist you. Before using a beard oil make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.


Beard balm can be used when forming the beard, but in principle acts on a beard just like oil. In principle, the balm is only a bit thicker version of beard oil with the addition of natural bee wax, and avocado butter, coconut butter or shea butter. Of course, you can produce oils and balsams yourself. You need some basic knowledge and patience, and the recipe you can find on internet. So, after a morning beard wash put a few drops of oil on your palms, the amount of oil depends on the size of your beard, scratch the oil on your palms and massage it in your beard to the skin itself. The idea is to get moisture in the beard. In the evening, after washing, rub a little beard balm that will take care of wrinkled peaks and braided hair.


Tip 3: Comb your beard

The recommendation is a brush or comb for a beard. This comb will be more gentle to your face than other standard brushes. The brush will also help better distribution of natural oils that we have on the skin itself. At the end, the brush will remove any residual dirt and impurities, and because of which beard can be dry and hard. An additional benefit of combing is that you will also massage the surface of the skin and improve blood circulation, which fill eventually result in a better beard growth.

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Tip 4: Try other eating habits

If, even after these tips mentioned above, you are not completely satisfied with your beard, try to make some changes to your diet. Add more nutrients to rich Omega 3 fatty acids, then add nuts and strain, foods rich in Beta carotene, or Vitamin A. Finally, arm yourselves with patience and do not complicate. There is no expressive solution, there is no magic stump. Follow the foundation, follow the above tips and your beard will be soft, gentle and healthy. Care of beard, washing, oiling, combing must become a daily routine. For best results, try to double the amount of oil in the morning, and in the evening balm, you can slightly exaggerate it, no harm will be done on the beard. With these tips and methods for beard care, you will have a proven strategy of applying in the fight against dry and rough beard with cracked peaks.

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