Summer is back, temperatures are rising and questions and comments from known and unknown people around us are more frequent: ‘Aren’t you hot with that beard?’

Of course not, because I know how to prepare for the bad heat.

Generally, there are several ways to solve the problem of a beard grooming and high temperature.

The most common way for many men is the simplest way, all of us with the beards know that it is cowardly and that it is a less valuable beardman – a man who shave his beard with the coming of a warmer weather because – he is hot, because he has trouble sleeping, because his skin is sweating and it is disgusting, because of a salt, because he can not normally lick ice cream in town, because he can not withstand the three comments that he will be hot – It’s not a real beardman in his soul. It is very likely that he is just a hipster.

So I do not recommend shaving or drastically trim your beard to achieve a pleasant atmosphere on the face. That will not happen. If you shave or trim your beard before the summer, it will happen that gentle and protected skin that has been concealed and protected under the beard will suddenly be hit by the sun, and once sun burns you onto a fresh, almost baby’s skin, you will begin to notice the mistake you have made. But it’s late for you now. The worst is just coming when new hair starts to grow.

Instead of shaving, consider carrying a small vial with a sprayer containing cold water and moisten your beard from time to time, refresh it, hydrate it. In this way  the beard becomes a kind of air conditioner on your face and there is no protection from the heat that will be more comfortable for you.

So what I always respond to people who are naively persuading me to be hot with that beard, is the beard is my air conditioner and I am more comfortable than they are. In winter beard warms me, so in summer  my beard cools me down.

The common problem with the beard during the summer days is the sea, infact the problem is salt in the beard, not the sea.


Yes, after swimming in the sea the beard is dry, salty, rough, uncomfortable and is not something to show around. After we wash out the salt from the beard we have what we had before swimming in the sea, only that little salt and minerals in the sea acted well on the hair, just like a vitamin D from the sun.

So after swimming in the sea, just wash your beard with clean water and that’s it. Of course, the daily use of beard oil is something we have already learned in previous texts so there is no need to repeat.

On your beard,as well as on the skin, a lot of sun and salt don’t work very best. So if you are one of those who sunbathe in the sun apply sun protection on your skin and beard too. Of course, if you do not have a special beard oil, then be sure to use baby skin sun protection oil to protect your beard skin. Oil before milk.

To summarize, only an inexperienced, hesitant and devious man has problems with beard during the summer months. Just like you use hand cream, leg cream, face cream etc. so use your beard oil or bear balm and the thing is resolved.

So, you are not hot because you have an air conditioner on your face. Salt is not a problem because it can be washed out with plain water. The sun is not a problem because you have UV protection oils. Generally, beard maintenance is also not a problem, since you use oil and a beard balm every day.

What is left then? Ice cream and comments from others?

Get rid of the ice cream problem by either taking a wipe and wiping after each lick or taking ice cream in a cup with a teaspoon or simply eating your ice cream without thinking about what others think or see on your beard. Just enjoy it.

For commentary on the environment, simply use something in this text. You do not even have to cite the source.

Enjoy your summer!

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