The question that I could never give the right answer is how to grow a beard? Although my beard grooming is began in a 2nd  grade of a high school, when I was about 17 years old, until today when I am about ten days to 39 years, which is 22 years in  total, it is very hard for me to answer that question.

I let my beard just to grow and that’s it, with 17 years it has grown relatively well, it was healthy and all the problems that I might have with a beard growing I had already forgotten. Simply beard has grown and life went on.

Today, all of this is a bit stretched, but often questions are going: would I / wouldn’t I, what will people say, how would I groom my beard daily, but it is now in and it is a fashion. If those are the questions you regularly ask maybe it’s best that you shave your beard.
But if you still decide for a beard, here are some tips that I googled and conducted through the filter of my own experience of 22 years.

Mental Preparation

It is extremely important. If you’re whole life so far been without a beard, then the process of growing a beard brings certain changes in the environment and within yourself. Although the look, or at least give the impression of an adult and a solid man, when the beard comes many behave like little girls. So it itches, but feel strange, but just can not get used to it, and they matter what environment speaks. Then shave. Then complain.

Basically, be who you are and be eloquent and always ready to give an answer. Your temporarily neglected appearance is here with one objective – a beard for which many will turn.

It is best to define the target in the beginning – how big and what shape  of the beard you want. During the first day sit at your desk, google and learn everything you can remember about a beard. Find a couple of pictures of what exactly you want to achieve and that you stick to.

Start during the holiday or long weekend

If you are in a business where the environment can adversely refer to your shabby appearance, or you are bothered for any reason it is best to begin the process of putting the chin during the holiday season. 21 days, how much on average last vacations in the US, is more than enough to get back to work with a beard that no longer leaves neglected appearance.

Beard, on average, grows 1.25 centimeters per month, but only half of it is enough to avoid reactions of those first few days when you really look like a neglected man.

You need the then two weeks to become a bearded junior.

Take humanitarian

November is an ideal month to start growing the beard during the action No-Shave November, humanitarian action spread awareness of cancer in a way that many men are calling for not shaving during this month. Here’s the perfect excuse for a painless transition of the first centimeters of the beard.

Find your barber

Extremely important. Although many men are very happy to deal with his own beard, as though they are most familiar with his beard, we must bear in mind the fact that we are in the mirror always nice and tidy for ourselves. But disappointing becomes when we come out and we see the photos the other day.

Beard often wants to grow in all directions, different lengths and very often you will be compared with Grizzly Adams, but the one not very pleasant way.

Barber is a person who is dealing with beards for a lifetime and he will, with your suggestions and wishes to find the best possible combination of length, beard looks related to hair, and with regard to your face shape. Find the barber that you’re happy with it and continue your further development of your beard with him.

Find the shape of your beard and the neck line as soon as possible

Meeting with barber is recommended as soon as possible, maybe after the first inches just to get acquainted with your beard and that is at the very beginning together start to form. It is also very important as soon as possible to define the line of beard growth on your neck and neck-line. It should be just above the Adam’s apple but slightly rounded by line ear. Basically it is a line that will barber take care of and it is important that you define it at the very beginning.

You’ll be surprised how much this line defines the tidiness of your chin.

Well after a few weeks, months of growing the beard you can feel a bearded man slowly. Still a long way is ahead of you, but the worst has passed.

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