How Long Does It Take To Grow Beard?

It is every man’s dream as we grow that we would like to be proud beard bearers one day. And looking at the trends surrounding us of beards men running the show in most influential circles, one really wonders how long does it take to grow beard?

Growing up as a young teenager, I for one wanted to know how to grow beard faster, I just couldn’t wait. I had witnessed how beard unveiled the toughness in my friends or schoolmates who had grown beard early. Also looking at how my cousins, brothers and even neighbors of the same generation, where courting the hottest girls’ attention, like anyone else I felt inspired.

Now, by realizing the responsibilities that come with growing a beard, I know better. Even most of you can agree that beard growing requires some patience and commitment. Still, there is that young man who really would like to know how long does it take to grow beard? Not forgetting those who are just generally wondering it. Well, be perplexed, read on and bear in mind that you aren’t alone.

As the decision is a bold statement to the world that change is permanent – albeit being a cleanly shaven lad all of your life. The decision of growing that desired beard as we all have that beards man that we look up to is based on some person or Higher Being. Whatever that inspirational being did, that will not be an issue. Some will have an image of their bearded hero stuck in their room’s walls, locker or as a fantasy in their minds. This takes us closer to what we will talk about – how long does it take to grow a beard and how to grow beard faster.

So we will go through this process by firstly knowing what really happens to the prized facial hair that we all love. Secondly, we will also take a look at some of those facts surrounding the fact of how to grow beard faster. Lastly, we will cover any other issues surrounding beard growing. Thus, an answer awaits in the following paragraphs to your question – how long does it take to grow beard?

So what really happens on my face regarding facial hair?

Not all hair in the body is the same as far as the growth is concerned. The only similarity is that hair typically has a three-phase pattern for growth. Androgenic hair – is the name given to the hair found all over your body. This is the hair that goes through a stage called vellus and later develops to androgenic usually during puberty. A determining factor to this growth is dependent on the number of androgens that you have – specifically, how much testosterone you have affects how long it takes to grow a beard. The more the testosterone, the greater the amount of facial or body hair you have!

So how long does it take to grow beard? Well, for a normal beard it usually ranges between two to six months – quite a long time indeed. But gosh it’s got to be sooner – some may lament. As a matter of fact, you will realize that even the whole body requires the covering of hair for a number of reasons so do not stress hey. Will give you tips later on that might help you trigger fast hair growth. For those who are eager on faster beard growth, we will take a look at the following stages of human hair growth.

The three distinct phases of the growth of every piece of human hair (facial/body) are:

  1. Anagen
  2. Catagen
  3. Telogen

Anagen – the active or growth mode

The first stage which is most crucial for all beards men to be, is one in which you will find beard in the growth mode. A process that can last anything between two months and a year, since it covers all of your body hair. You will be fascinated to know that hair found on top of your head can last several years in this mode due to the limit of its length. This however not the case with beard. But growing beard faster and longer is all about your genes and not anything else. Avoid any negativity gentle reader, you are as effective as any other man even if it takes longer for you. In this anagen phase, the growth rate is on average about 1cm per month. For your information on how long does it take to grow beard, if you are aiming for an epic beard, the period is quite long and you will reach a beard length of about 4.75″.

Catagen – the incredibly dormant short phase

In this phase your hair follicles take a break from growing. They will be entrenching into your skin, remaining like that in preparation of the telogen phase for just some months though.

Telogen – the hair’s retirement stage

Retirement? Some may ask, yes that’s the phase when your hair’s lifespan has reached its peak with new hair coming out and the old follicles exiting. When this phase is done, the cycle restarts again. You lose some hair and gain some as well. However, only just a few hairs leave the scene whilst most of it remains and passes through the growth stages periodically.

Now that I have answered that burning question – how long does it take to grow beard?  But before going there I will briefly point out some factors that influence how long it takes to grow your beard.

Two factors that can answer – how long does it take to grow beard?


Your age determines the length of time it takes to grow beard. From the early years of puberty one starts to experience some signs of beard growth mostly as moustache then some patches on the neck and cheeks.

As I stated earlier on the issue of testosterone levels has an effect on overall hair growth so it is during puberty that these levels begin to rise. The previous vellus hair dotted around the body will transform into androgenic hair marking the beginning of the anagen phase.

The amount of testosterone that one has will thus have an effect on how to grow beard faster due to the additional testosterone levels then. All the patches will be gradually filled in and as a result a noticeable beard will emerge on the surface.

Then when one is past the age of 25 to about 35, that’s when most anagen processes occur, resulting in a much fuller, thicker beard more than another period in your life. So why not celebrate your masculinity by donning your full-fledged beard during this period in your life?


Genetics play a pivotal role as far as faster beard growth is concerned. You generally do not choose your genealogy so you don’t have to fret. Also by taking the long walk back to biology class, you will understand that even if your sibling or other family members can sport incredibly thick beards it might or might not be the same with you. Probability comes to play as well. So genes play that involuntary role that you will not even have control over.

So is there any hope as far as how to grow beard faster?

However, the following might be helpful to grow your beard thicker or be a remedy on the question of article.

  • Stop shaving your beard completely for up to four weeks at least.
  • Trim down any unwanted facial hair, keeping the amount that you want on the neck line.
  • Let the facial hair on you cheeks grow naturally – never shave or trim it.
  • When it starts to take shape apply some beard oil. Begin with a little and then increase as it grows longer.
  • Eat a healthy diet that is rich in protein including Vitamins A, B, C and E to encourage hair growth.
  • Regularly exercise – it boosts your testosterone levels for that desired growth.
  • Have plenty of sleep and rest daily – try the recommended 8 hours.
  • Comb and brush your beard regularly – it increases your blood flow resulting in you unlocking one of the secrets on how to grow beard faster.
  • Take dietary supplements – but consult your doctor first!
  • Exfoliate your skin at least once per week to boost beard growth and remove dead hair follicles.
  • A mild skin cleanser is another secret weapon if used twice daily especially coupled with warm water.
  • Get rid of any ingrown hair – if they are available on your face, beard growth is highly affected.
  • Try to limit as much stress as possible – meditation and yoga may be beneficial for this.
  • Drink lots of water – taking eight glasses of water daily also has boosting effect to beard growth.
  • Be committed to your beard, properly maintain and jealously guard it!

Salomon—a self-confessed facial hair addict—is a grooming professional, style enthusiast, and someone with deep personal experience and knowledge about male pattern baldness.

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