Why Can’t I Grow A Beard?

Hope is vital. Indeed the question on mostly the teenagers as well as other grown men whose faces are still clean-shaven and everyone around them is posing for a selfie with a goatee, mustache or a thick beard is, “Why can’t I grow a beard?” You are not alone.

Don’t despair though gentle reader as in this piece I will be sharing with you some of the factors why you can’t grow a beard and later provide some remedies that can assist you to grow that desired facial hair asset.

So don’t suffer any psychological trauma. Be still. You need not fret over issues that can have multiple solutions.

Indeed, you can really feel like a misfit or outcast whenever others are talking about shaving, waxing, oiling, trimming or how bad their beard was itching. Deep inside, your inner voice will be tormenting you, why can’t I grow a beard?

As human beings, we are shaped by our surroundings whether it is political, social, and economical as well as environmental factors. Most societies associate growing a beard with wisdom and maturity – however, this myth is not even truthful in any way, not all beards men are wise or mature.

You will realize that some of the reasons why you can’t grow any facial hair are beyond your control. However, certain traits either artificial or natural can make you wave goodbye to the recurring thought.

Let’s get the ball rolling and uncover the reasons as well as remedies that can put a stop to your condition. No condition cannot have a solution. So no longer keep it to yourself or bottle up your feelings. Read along and do not keep on repeat the same question.


There are a number of reasons that can help you determine an answer to the question. These cannot be controlled as they come naturally to each and every man.

Despite being inter-depended, these factors do not only affect beards only but also any other form of bodily hair. So some of the reasons are as follows:

Amount Of Testosterone In Body

The starting point for you to understand claim has all to do with the testosterone levels in your body. Generally, most men have the same levels of testosterone but sensitivity to it really counts.

The more the testosterone you have the most likely it is for you to grow a beard. For those who might have forgotten their biology, testosterone is that hormone that is responsible for the control of secondary sexual characteristics at the onset of puberty and beyond.

Such characteristics include beard, pubic hair, armpit hair, change of voice, production of sperm among others. So maybe, your testosterone levels are not that good enough for you to carry beard.


Another related factor for you to say has to do with your genes. This will take us back to school again. If you come from a family where most male siblings or family members in your family tree were thick beards men, you stand a chance at being one too.

Nevertheless, you also have to understand that even if that is the case that your siblings or other family members are well endowed with amazingly thick beards it might not be the same with you. The probability is either positive or negative due to heredity factors.

So genes play that part of discontinuous variation, which no one will be able to choose. If your genes encounter some problems, then there is nothing that you can do, unfortunately.


Testosterone becomes fully mature as a man gets older. This is typically when one is over the age of 20. Though during the early teenage years of puberty you may begin to notice some beard growth or noticeable shades of facial hair, there will be a need for more of the growth hormone.

So like wine, the possibility of getting a beard gets better with age. However, the hormone can have a full effect on the grown man if he would have had existing facial hair as well as high levels of testosterone.

Additionally, if the genes are sensitive to the hormone, at the ages of 25 to 35, one can have as much beard as Santa. So if you can’t grow a beard, maybe you are not yet old enough.

In conclusion to the reasons laid out, you can see that they are interlinked and mostly if all or some part of the chain is broken, chances are very high that you might not be a beards man. However, as you continue reading, you might find a light at the end of the tunnel and one day become part of the club – anything is possible

What Do I Have To Do Then If I Can’t Grow A Beard?

First and foremost, rest assured that there are millions of men who are just like you.

Secondly, there are several ways which you can use so that you can grow beard someday.

Lastly, stop being negative by constantly asking yourself the question “why can’t I grow a beard”, instead try these:

You can make use of beard growth oils. There are various natural ingredients rich beard growth oils. One thing that you have to take note of is the suitability of the ingredients with your skin as some skin is highly sensitive.

If you need beard so badly, you may take into consideration going for a beard transplant. This is a procedure whereby some of the hair is taken from your scalp, its back or sides and grafted on the area which does not have a beard or requires enhancement of the existing one. This is a permanent method which can provide the remedy to those badly need to own beard.

You can give a chance to Minoxidil. It is an FDA approved hair growth drug that works. Really works.You can also check the articles I wrote about Minoxidil and Beard

Drink the recommended 8 glasses of water daily. It keeps the skin in tip top condition for the emergence of beard. By religiously following this routine, you will keep you skin moisturized so that any form of hair can have somewhere to settle.

Eat a healthy well-balanced diet that has enough protein and essential vitamins, these are crucial for the growth of hair in general and beard in particular. Most of the less harmful protein sources are white meat and you can readily get the needed vitamins from most fruits and vegetables.

Another remedy that may be taken into consideration for use is multivitamins for the beard as a dietary supplement. Quite a huge number of men and boys are using this product for growing beards and providing positive feedback.

They are basically Vitamins A, B, C and E which fuel the possibility of growing beard quickly and easily.We have reviewed some of the most useful products here.

Be engaged in regular exercises so as to boost your testosterone levels. If you have the right amount of the hormone, it will facilitate the growth of the needed facial hair.

Also, do manage your stress levels. It is crucial for you to be as relaxed as possible to enable the growth of hair so sleeping for 8 hours a day is ideal. Also if you can take some yoga classes or go for meditation; your mind will be relaxed enough to promote beard growth.

The last option requires the approval of your doctor prior to considering it – the intake of external testosterone. I personally do not recommend it as what is needed is the reaction of internal testosterone as it would have mutated with your body. When you would have tried all other avenues and failed maybe resort to this method but once again I do not highly advise you to take it up.

So finally, there isn’t any problem regarding the problem of not growing any beard that cannot be solved. From the remedies above at least one of these work wonders for their own selves.

It will, therefore, be unnecessary for you to keep on asking that question why can’t I grow beard? Rather you are now pondering on which method can do wonders to you and bring the Houdini effect into your previously “baby face” era.

Though I provided some reasons as well as possible remedies, the list is not exhaustive. There are lots of other natural as well as man-made solutions to the issue of growing a beard.

I recommend without hesitation any natural therapy that is available especially the DIY ones. There should be no excuse that stops you to be part of the trendy beard culture that in engulfing billions of men worldwide. So go ahead, inform someone!

Salomon—a self-confessed facial hair addict—is a grooming professional, style enthusiast, and someone with deep personal experience and knowledge about male pattern baldness.

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