There is hardly a man with a beard who does not dream of a dense, healthy beard. If you have reached the desired length you should not trim your beard, but to keep your beard healthy it is necessary to shorten the tops once a month.

beard-shampoo-and-conditionerAnd so we enter into a vicious circle between the desire for long thick beard and the desire for a healthy beard, because we have to give up one, right?

Well, not exactly! If you provide proper care to your beard you can get thick and healthy beard! In the first place you can make a miracle with this DIY shampoo for faster beard growth.

Read this recipe below and make this beard shampoo and conditioner, use it whenever you wash your beard and you’ll soon notice the desired results.

Best Beard Shampoo And Conditioner:

1) 13.4 floz Nettle Shampoo (in half liter container)

2) 1 floz Nettle Drops

3) 1 Bottle Water Based AD drops

4) 8.4 floz Panthenol Solution

5) 1.7 floz Castor Oil

Preparation And Application:

From nettle shampoo container take part of the shampoo out to make room for other ingredients. Add the nettle oil to it, AD drops, Panthenol and castor oil in the end. Shake well for a few minutes. Use this on your beard in every wash and massage well into the root of the beard hairs, wait a few minutes to work and rinse.

Shake it before each use because oil stands out on the surface during storage.

Desscription Of A Beard Shampoo Activity:

Nettle stimulates circulation and circulation is a key to faster beard growth. Good blood flow enables faster and more efficient metabolism and their inflow to the root hairs. AD drops and panthenol regenerate beard skin and we all know how healthy skin is important for the health of the beard hairs. Castor oil is the number one recommendation of a dermatologist when it comes to health beards and beard skin.

This beard shampoo and conditioner is very effective – hair grows faster, it is softer and healthier.

You can do it!

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