There is no point re saying that beard care is one of the beard daily tasks which every bearded man is aware of. In addition to washing (wash beard with a shampoo or just water) beard need extra supplements, moisturizing, mainly nourish to be soft, to shine and ultimately to be healthy.


Among other oils and balms for the beard, which finally with a little knowledge and practice you can produce at home, there is an everyday food that will greatly help in the care of the beard and that is coconut oil.

Coconut oil is in itself a useful and nutritious for all hair (hair and beard) and the manufacturers of shampoos and hair care products can verify.

This is indeed the best beard oil.

Let’s see how coconut oil acts on our beard:

  • Coconut oil moisturizes the beard, and it applies without that unpleasant feeling of applying fat, although it is oil. Prevents drying hair itself or the beard. Eliminates and reduces the itching that is particularly expressed  in the early days of beard growing.
  • Regenerates hair beards and it makes easier to groom a beard. Also beard is gentle, soft, moisturized and healthy, as well as the skin underneath.
  • Lauric acid found in coconut oil is a saturated fatty acid which has many medicinal properties and long life after application. It gives a sort of protection from infection and allows the oil to penetrate more deeply and effectively into the skin.
  • By applying oil along the length of the beard it stays hydrated and , natural moisture is balanced and we reduce undesirable irritation.
  • Regular application reduces beard damage(single hairs on beard) and enhance the growth of healthy, thick and glossy hair. Also coconut oil reduces protein loss in hair which in turn helps maintain the beard generally healthy.
  • Virgin cocount oil is rich in vitamins E and K, and iron which in turn stimulates an increase in capillaries then allowing proper and richer circulation, which in turn results in high-quality supply of hair nutrients. Hair grows faster, without irritation and itching.
  • Coconut oil can prevent the formation of dandruff.

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viva-labs-finest-organic-coconutHow to apply coconut oil on the beard?

  • First make sure that the beard is clean, dried and ready for application of oil. Also let the hands be clean and dry.
  • Taking a little extra virgin coconut oil and it is and warm it in your hands.
  • We apply oil to the beard from the top to the root.
  • Lets massaging a few minutes the beard and also the skin under the beard and leave virgin coconut oil to be completely absorbed.


Such daily application will ensure healthy skin, excellent beard and a proud owner.

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