Here we talking about the best beard brush and why boar bristle brushes are the best for your beard.

These are top 3 beard brushes that you can use to apply beard oil evenly or just to clean your beard.

TitleSmooth Viking
Beard Brush
Boar Bristle Beard Brush
Beard And Hair Brush
Dimensions4.3x2x1.2 inchesunknown4x2x2 inches
Fiber Type Boar BristleBoar BristleBoar Bristle
Price Range$$$$$$
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Smooth Viking Beard Brush Review

The Smooth Viking Beard Brush For Men is a boar bristle brush that is specifically designed to not only work with the contours of the face but also to assist with styling and maintenance. The boar bristles are densely packed to allow for a smoothing effect which will help with detangling. Plastic combs and brushes can be harsh on the skin, and synthetic bristles can come loose and irritate the skin. Boar bristle brushes are specifically designed to avoid that.

smooth-viking-beard-brushSmooth Viking Beard Brush Will Help Clean Your Beard

Anyone with a beard has experienced having a beard full of crumbs, dirt, or anything else it comes into contact. Using a beard brush consistently can help avoid the mess and keep a beard looking clean.

The bristles will move through the hair down to the skin, cleaning the beard while simultaneously stimulating the skin, clearing away dead skin cells and distributing the natural oils that can help revive the look and feel of your beard. Though the bristles are quite firm, many reviews state that the brush feels very smooth against the skin. The bristles of this brush also work well when applying products to the beard, such as beard oil and balm.

This Brush Can Be Used On Any Type Of Beard

This brush can be utilized on any beard and even the top of the head as well. The shape of the wood handle is designed to fit well in hand. The bristles have the ability to detangle the hair, but will not pull out hair in the process. It only needs to be cleaned about once a month using soap and water, so the brush itself is relatively low maintenance.

Additionally, the brush seems reasonably inexpensive, it is very well reviewed, and customer service is helpful and quick to respond. Overall, this brush is natural boar bristle brush of the highest quality and works to help your beard look and feel its best.

Boar Bristle Beard Brush By Huntsman Beard Review

Boar bristle beard brush is perfect for applying balms and oils. It is made up of natural soft boars hair that helps in softening and conditioning beards. With this brush, styling beard is more efficient and secure. It makes it easy for you to shape your beard and put shaggy hair to rest.

boar-bristle-beard-brush-by-huntsmanHuntsman Beard Use Natural Boar Hair

One unique feature with this brush is the fact that it is made from natural boar hair. Boar hair is efficient in maintaining beards and common to most beards-men. The boar hair has a tendency of retaining beard balm or oil once the bristles come into contact with the oil. This ability to keep oil makes sure that all your beard strands are oiled once you brush through them, giving them a healthy shiny look.

At times, applying balms and oil might become messy leaving your beards out of order and unpleasing to the eyes. It is at this point that the boar bristle brush comes in handy. Remember that when the brush bristles come into contact with oil, they retain it for quite some time and so it will prevent excessive oil application thus preventing messy application. Economically, this saves you big time since you will sparingly use your oil and as well it leaves your beard neat and flawless.

On top of that, boar bristle beard brush ensures that the oil is evenly applied on your beard and it gives your beard style a plus. Lastly, the boar bristle brush is soft and tender. It is gentle on your beard and does not disturb the root of the beard hair or follicle. Disturbance of the root follicle might lead to loss of the beard hair through follicle breakage. However, with the boar bristle beard brush, you can rest assured that there would be no damages on your beard during grooming.

Beardman Beard And Hair Brush Review

Looking for the ideal beard, hair, or mustache brush? The Beardman Beard And Hair Brush is the right product for you. A well-designed brush that can be utilized by various users, whether you are a modern, stylish, hipster, or a public man. With some great features, this brush is the right one to buy as a gift for that special man in your life. Consider the brush for Fathers day, Valentine’s day, and birthday among other special days. A stylish Muslin cotton gift bag comes in handy for this.


• 100% Soft Boar Bristles.
• Perfect Blend of Beech-Wood and Bamboo

Why Pick Beardman Beard And Hair Brush

This brush is the perfect facial brush for any man. You get the best moments lotions beards and mustache thanks to the smooth action of the brush. A brush to groom beards and hair to an elegant, stylish finish, be they dry or wet. You get the kind of experience you would expect from 100% genuine boar hair. You can manage your beard and hair anytime. This includes before and after baths. Even after applying oil. You use the brush to attain even oil applications. Men can use the brush with most beard and hair products. Its design allows the Beardman Brush to work with traditional beard oils, hair pomades, and dry beard balms among others. The brush works perfectly with beard conditioners and oil balms. For those who have had bad experiences with hard, hurting bristles, this Beardman Brush is quite soft and gentle on your face. With the right thickness and stiffness of bristles, this brush feels so comfortable. This also prevents the brush bristles from falling out easily.

Some thick beards may get tangled with cat hair and fluff. This brush gets all the foreign materials from your beard or hair. The muslin-designed bag makes this brush the right choice for travel. You get a bag to put your beard and hair oil as well as the hair balm.


Just combing your beard is not enough if you wish to have an amazing beard. You will need to brush your beard with a beautiful beard brushes. These top 3 beard brushes are the ones we recommend. You can’t go wrong with getting any of the above brushes.

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