Beard is considered by many as a sign of manhood, and here is 20 interesting things you might not know:

  1. If you ever stop to shave the beard forever it will grow up to an average length of 2.3 meters.
  2. 55% of men in at least one point in their lives grow the beard.
  3. Peter Alexeyevich Romanov, also known as Peter the Great, during the reign introduced a fine of 100 rubles for all who wear a beard.
  4. Philosophers from ancient times have always worn a beard as a mark of their profession.
  5. The higher-ranking men in Egypt are dying their beards, usually in a golden color.
  6. Before they beheaded Sir Thomas More in 1535, he shaved his famous beard because he felt that his beard did not commit any crime and did not deserve such a punishment!
  7. Considering that the beard is dangerous in close combat, Alexander the Great ordered his soldiers that they had to shave their beards.
  8. Beard gives you 63% greater chance that you will win the game “who will blink later”.world-longest-beard
  9. Sarwan Singh from Canada is a man with the longest beard in the world – 2.495 meters.
  10. Abraham Lincoln grew a beard after he was advised that by a 11 yr old girl, Grace Bedell.
  11. Fear of beards is called Pogonophobia.
  12. Otto I the Great would always swore by his beard when he spoke something serious.
  13. One of the biggest myths associated with the beard to grow faster as often shave …
  14. Or grow faster if you do not have sex – it is scientifically proven!
  15. Research has shown that on average women men with beards are sexier than those without beards.
  16. Beard help to purify the air of toxins and pollution.
  17. Man on average spend over 3,350 hours of his life shaving his beard.
  18. Beard growing on average 14 cm per year, and on the face of a man is 30,000 hairs on average.
  19. Scientists have come to the conclusion that in prehistoric times the beard is used for heating purposes, protection and intimidation.
  20. Beard grows faster during the summer months.

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