15 Reasons Why Beards Make Men More Attractive?

Without any doubt having a beard is but a pulling factor that any man ought to know. The history behind beards is not only fascinating but attractive as well. Before dwelling much on the history and all other reasons I would like to applaud all bearded men for taking that wise decision. As I once mentioned in another article on popular beard styles for 2018, you are giving the “mane” to the “lion” in the world of men. Thank you.

Now back to our issue, in the world we live in beards have given the bearer wings to fly. For instance, most popular actors or cartoon characters (Papa Smurf) in Hollywood from the Western movies (Clint Eastwood), Sci-Fi (Wolverine), Comedy (Charlie Chaplin), Thriller (Chuck Norris) or any other genre – sported one beard style or the other. You can even go to music from country (Don Williams), reggae (Bob Marley), hip-hop (Kanye West; Rick Ross) or RnB (Akon) – most prominent stars had beards.

In politics, great statesmen (Abraham Lincoln) or even dictators (Adolf Hitler) all had one thing in common – beards.

In sports, even the world’s great soccer player Lionel Messi could not resist the power of the beard.

In cricket, South Africa’s Hashim Amla gives credit to his trademark beard to keep him going. Indeed it is the symbol that makes a man be who ought to be. In every sphere of life, the beard is significant.

So to expose the power of the bearded man I have compiled a list of 15 reasons which I think makes beards men attractive. Believe it or not – even science has proven it and I encourage you to research on it as well for proof. Here’s what I got:

  1. Beards men have dominance and authority

Looking at historical figures be it politics, socially, religion or even business – the bearded man had his place as the principal. Some gods have been bearded men (Zeus and Hermes), even claims are made that Jesus had one too. Be it as it may, there are many physical elements that point at the bearded man taking authority and dominating, As such beards men are worth the attraction. To add on by looking even in nature the males have some hairy or beardy feature to show what they are – that’s dominance.

  1. Beards men are responsible and caring

The constant oiling, trimming or even shaving that a man does to his beard has an attractive feature too especially with the ladies. It is a psychological attraction as by being able to maintain one’s beard, the bearer can as well equally take care of those dear to him like a partner or family. For this reason, beard men stand a better chance of scooping the ladies or partners of their choice as the beard does the “marketing” for them. The tedious maintenance of the beard has its benefits to the beards men – care for your beard and it will take care of you if in need of a life partner.

  1. The beards men are sexy and romantic

Interestingly, a number of women testify that a beards man brings out the sexy man that they desire. Beards men are perceived as a revelation of the manliness and appear sexually appealing. They claim that if they have not yet been kissed by a beards man, they miss out. Wow! Such is the power of the beard. Another section even went on deeper that other erotic pleasures are very effective and engaging due to the arousing effect of the beard’s contact. A beard brings temptation to its touch…

  1. Beards are healthy and prolong life

Scientifically speaking there has been extensive research which proves that beards prevent conditions such as the accumulation of the harmful Ultra Violet rays (UV) by over 90 percent. This has a positive effect on the skin as chances of skin cancer even aging are reduced significantly. Thus for men who are still pondering growing a beard – there you have it; beards are healthy and beneficial for you.

  1. Beards men show confidence

By being able to parade their beard endowment to the world to see, heavy beards men are actually displaying confidence. Even for those who have smaller beards, the same confidence is instilled by the beard itself as they will be exposing their hidden potential to the outside world.

  1. Beards men know when and how to take risks

There is a saying that goes – if you can’t stand up for something, you can fall for anything. This is certainly true for any beards man, as many may shun beards owing to a few individuals who do not properly take of their assets. Thus that ability to go on and grow, maintain and sustain your beard is proof that you are a risk taker. In spite of popular prevailing public opinion, the beards man who continues with his beard shows that they overcame adversity.

  1.  Beards men display a protective nature

As I mentioned earlier that beards men tend to be caring and responsible, they are also protective. Because they can protect their interests to have a beard in a world full of multitudes who are cleanly shaven is an awesome display of how they can stand up and protect their interests. Women love that. There nothing more impressive to any woman than to feel safe and secure in the vicinity of her man.

  1. Beards men are champions

The success that many men who are famous for their championship feats have beards is refreshing and convincing for any potential bearer to follow suit. If you consider most of the stars in sports, for instance, they proudly don beards and so do award-winning actors, musicians, fervent preachers, historical figures or heroes had beards. Their perseverance and ability to dream gave them triumph. So inspiring is the story of the beard winning streak!

  1. Beards men are loved by kids

By all means, kids love beards men. Who never loved the “Ho! Ho! Ho!” sounds every Christmas – Santa Claus being the kids favorite as he brings them toys and candy. We are all privy to his fluffy white beard cascading down his robe and being a source of joy every festive period. Kids definitely love Father Christmas as he is also known as. Even you as a father or uncle play this role to bring that merry to the kids Christmas expectations.

  1. Beards men appear in fairy tales as the heroes

Still, on the subject of kids – fairy tales and cartoons portray a number of the heroes are bearded men. Think of the seven dwarfs who rescued Snow White as well as the good bearded Papa Smurf fighting against the evil clean shaven Gargamel. Kids grow up celebrating the heroic nature of beards men and more of them will join the trend in future.

  1. Beards men are religious

Quite a number of religious figures from Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism were bearded men. Even until now most rabbis, prophets or whatever title they hold have great respect for beard and have it as well. Beards imply closeness to Divinity.

  1. Beards men are tough

Strength is one of those components displayed in any beards man. Take a look at lumberjacks, cowboys; wrestlers among other tough guys, a greater number have their beards on. They pose a die-hard attitude and look untouchable as they might give any provoker a thorough bashing.

  1. Beards men are free and open minded

That ability to stand out from the rest shows a free personality in any beards man. Thus the world sees an open-minded person who shows wit and intellect to shoulder any contemptuous conditions. Heavy and long beards often exhibit that free individual who has no limits and can go beyond the ordinary.

  1. Beards men are creative

With a number of bearded men excelling in the arts sector as artists, musicians, painters, and authors thus there is creativity hidden in a beard. The stylish ways in which the beards themselves are maintained is also proof of the creative nature of the beards men.

  1. Beards men are hardworking and industrious

We owe it to the lumberjacks – these hardworking men deserve a worthy mention as torchbearers who never say die but work hard to achieve their targets. This is also true to most other beards men who have achieved tremendously in their careers. It’s you who reveal to the world that beards are like an energy booster to a hard worker.

Handsome bearded man

So there you are. All the 15 reasons are attributing the attractive qualities of beards men. There is no excuse for any serious man who wants to achieve that burning dream in their hearts to come out and go on to grow a beard. This status symbol is like a badge that stamps the authority which every other man needs. So my brothers, go now therefore and be encouraged and thrilled to be beards men. Never back down, beards men are attractive!

Salomon—a self-confessed facial hair addict—is a grooming professional, style enthusiast, and someone with deep personal experience and knowledge about male pattern baldness.

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